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Entrust us with the titles you wish to have mastered by our teams and benefit from the Twin Studios Paris’ prestige at an advantageous rate!

Prepare your session

First, download our tutorial (pdf) to export your tracks in the best conditions


  • WAV or AIFF 
  • Channels: MONO or STEREO
  • Bit depth : 16 Bits or 24 Bits
  • Sampling frequency : 44,1 kHz or 48 kHz


  • Export each track separately. 

  • Caution !!! All files (exports) must have the same starting point.

  • Rename files accordingly (Kick, Snare, Bass, Guitar 1, etc.)

See our offer

  • e-Mixing Premium : Choose your engineer and benefit from a standard delivery within 5 working days, or an express delivery within 48hrs (except on sundays).
    e-Mixings are realized during sessions you do not attend.

    You have 5 days after receiving your mix to send us by  email the list of possible corrections that you would like to submit to your engineer.

    Backup included for 30 days from the final mix delivery date.

    Your engineer will export the “Main Mix” as well as the Vocal up (+1db), Vocal down (-1db), Instrumental, Acapella (Lead + Chorus) and TV Track exports.

    1 title = 48 tracks / Maximum duration is 5 minutes (excluding extras) 

    ** Mastering of the “Main Mix” version only.

      Need extras ?

      Let’s check together !

      1.  Did you receive your payment confirmation ?

      2.  Did you properly prepare your files according to the tutorials at your disposal ?

      3.  Organize your files according to the following file tree :link arborescence

      Send us your files

      You can now send us your files via the “Sync.com” link below…

      lien wetransfer